MCM Composites is the premier specialist in Thermoset Plastic, Injection, Compression and Transfer Moldings MCM provides tooling design services, secondary operations and metal conversions for various industries.

Examples Of Our Work

  • Molded Assembly for Food & Beverage Industry

    With nearly 40 years of injection molding expertise, MCM Composites not only meets exact customer requirements but supports their projects with an array of secondary services.

    We can provide a combination of injection molding, assembly, and machining for a variety of industries, including Food & Beverage.

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  • Appliance Industry Molded Oven Handle

    We understand the commitment required for high volume, tight cosmetic work in consumer appliance manufacturing.

    At MCM Composites, our in-depth experience with thermoset injection molding keeps us ahead of the competition while being flexible enough to accommodate new manufacturing methods.

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  • Park & Recreation Table & Chair Tops

    At MCM Composites, not only can we perform precision thermoset compression molding for a variety of products, but we can also custom tailor design and colors according to your requirements.

    We produce parts in an array of standard colors utilizing BMC compounds and can match your custom color tones.

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  • Aerospace Emergency Oxygen Housing

    We are experts in complex thermoset compression molding projects that involve intricate detail.

    At MCM Composites, we can work with unique requirements that push the boundaries in manufacturing and material capabilities.

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  • Electrical Component Housing

    At MCM Composites, we offer vast knowledge in the precision manufacturing of electrical component housings using injection molding processes.

    Our experience in the electronics industry includes the molding of housings with multiple inserts, as well as secondary operations such as machining and assembly to achieve the final product.

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  • Medical Chairlift

    We’ve worked in a variety of industries that require assembly components to be made with high strength materials such as Sheet Molded Compound (SMC).

    At MCM Composites, our work with SMC also includes years of expertise in compression molding and machining for the Medical industry.

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We can manufacture custom part sizes from 1/10 grams to 50 pounds

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on manufacturing your thermoset plastic parts.

Please give us a call to arrange contact with one of our sales engineering staff and a tour of our facility. MCM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.