Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we provide the highest possible customer satisfaction along with top-quality thermoset molding, plastic molding, and injection molding services. All our products undergo stringent quality control inspections including:

  • Inspection of incoming materials
  • In-process audits
  • Final shipping audits
  • First- and last-run inspections
  • Material and performance traceability
  • Functional and dimensional layouts
  • Gage calibration programming
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

We also use up-to-date and efficient equipment to maintain top-of-the-line consistency across production. We work with cutting-edge machinery including:

  • Sheffield Discovery III CMM with PCDMIS software
  • Starrett Optical Comparator
  • Mitutoya Vision Inspection System
  • Custom fixture design and manufacturing equipment
  • Standard hand measurement equipment
  • Custom hand gages

Our representatives will work with you to develop custom blueprints for your next project and then collaborate with material suppliers and our internal manufacturers to turn your designs into reality.

Choose MCM Composites for Your Thermoset Molding Needs

With over 35 years of experience, MCM Composites has delivered successful projects across a broad spectrum of industries. Our facility houses more than 45 presses that can manufacture over 1,000 parts for customers around the globe (including in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Mexico). Our modernized 65,000 square foot plant sits on more than seven acres in Manitowoc, WI, allowing us to accommodate large or small production volumes.

Being committed to customer satisfaction means that we offer a broad array of customizable services, including:

  • Thermoset injection molding: With our on-site cool room and tool repair shop, we offer a full range of thermoset injection molding services. We can handle custom molding orders from start to finish, creating unique tools, building initial mold designs, and performing maintenance and repair after finishing the production run.
  • Thermoset compression molding: We create compression molds suitable for use in a variety of assembly processes including automatic, semi-automatic, and hand-assembled crafting. Our specially formulated thermoset composites allow us to create economical solutions to customer specifications.
  • Finishing and machining: Our services don’t stop at molding; we conduct secondary services in-house to ensure that your product is as complete, polished, and ready to use shortly after completion. We provide surface finishing for plastic parts as well as drilling, tapping, machining, and metalizing in a variety of finishes.
  • Engineering services: From the initial tool or mold design to building secondary tools, our expert engineers provide a full range of fabrication services according to your needs. Our engineering team also provides routine maintenance and quality control checks to ensure superb products every time.
  • Assembly services: A wide range of assembly services and investments in updated, modern machinery allow us to provide multiple options for customers. From blanket orders to customization to Just-In-Time delivery, customers can access a full menu of assembly, packaging, and delivery options.


In short, MCM Composite is a full-service company that prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers from start to finish.

MCM Composite is ISO Certified

International Organization for Standardization is an internationally recognized quality control standard, which has the ISO certification to spotlight companies committed to customer success. ISO regulated auditors perform thorough audits and internal reviews of company practices to ensure they meet ISO’s stringent guidelines for product quality.

MCM Composites meets certification standards for ISO 9001, which focuses on the consistency with which companies deliver high-quality products to customers. The evaluation process looks at a wide range of business principles, including the company’s leadership, collaborative approaches, and decision making. This certification ensures that a company not only meets finished product standards but also adopts and sustains practices that ensure long-term quality control. ISO 9001–certified companies are also guaranteed to consistently deliver products that continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quality You Can Trust at MCM Composites

MCM Composites puts customer success at the center of its business practices. Our dedicated employees, cutting-edge equipment, and well-equipped facilities continue to exceed expectations and deliver efficient, high-quality products every time.

Contact us today to discuss the design and production of your next project, or request a quote!