Thermoset Compression Molded Table & Chair Tops for Furniture Industries

Chair Top

At MCM Composites, LLC, not only can we perform precision thermoset compression molding for a variety of products, but we can also custom tailor design and colors according to your requirements. We produce parts in an array of standard colors utilizing BMC compounds and can match your custom color tones.

A parks & recreation customer tasked us to produce molded chair tops for outdoor use. The chair tops required a 13″ diameter seat with 1″ in height using BMC Polyester with custom color compounds. Each chair top had dimensional tolerances of + 0.030″ using our thermoset compression molding systems. In addition to the top, molded inserts were required within each seat. Once molded, each unit underwent de-flashing, trimming, and broaching, followed by dimensional and visual inspection for quality control.

Over 6,000 units were produced in 4 weeks and sent directly to our customer in Chicago. They appreciated our high volume capability as well as our flexibility in producing chair tops to the exact color tones requested. To learn more about our compression molding and BMC color compound work, please refer to the table below or contact us for more information.