What are Our Primary & Secondary Processes for Electrical Component Housing?

MCM Composites specializes in thermoset injection molding services. Our advanced, precision injection molding processes allow us to produce intricate parts both large and small. Thanks to our fleet of hydraulic and electrical injection molding presses, our mold shop features a wealth of capabilities and customization options to suit the varied needs of electronics, home appliances, and a range of other industries.

We see our clients as more than just customers, but as partners. With in-house custom toolmakers and designers and other highly experienced staff, we’ve built a unique team dedicated to providing ideal solutions that drive success. Customers receive 3D models of products, support from our professional staff, and advice on economical alternatives throughout each step of the manufacturing process.

Primary Processes for Producing Electrical Component Housing

We use a combination of three primary processes in the fabrication of electrical component housing. These include:

Thermoset Injection Molding

MCM Composites can produce electrical component housings as a result of thermoset injection molding. Thermoset molding offers a range of benefits for applications requiring electrical or thermal insulation. Some attributes of the procedure include tremendous dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and creep resistance. Other benefits include:

  • Low expansion coefficient
  • Low flammability
  • No corrosion
  • Cost advantage (vs. machined aluminum or steel parts)

Our precision manufacturing capabilities and extensive experience in the electronics industry position us as industry leaders in the molding process. We’re capable of maintaining short turnaround times on even the most complex projects. For example, we produced 3,000 units for an electronics customer in less than two weeks—with each unit featuring more than 10 inserts per unit.


We provide more than just injection molding at MCM Composites. We also offer value-added finishing services on-site to ensure that our clients receive the best quality electrical component housing. We also offer secondary operations such as drilling and tapping.

This full-service option means reduced costs client-side and offers the peace of mind that comes from working with a one-stop-shop. Using an end-to-end solution ensures strict quality management throughout the full manufacturing process.


When you place an order with MCM Composites, you’ll receive a fully-assembled finished product. Individual components are put through strict visual and dimensional inspection prior to assembly in order to maintain strict quality control. Our premium assembly services extend to blanket and custom orders and include sub-assemblies.

The Secondary Processes for Producing Electrical Component Housing

We aim to provide the highest quality final part. As such, we can perform a range of secondary services in house based on the requirements of the design. These include:


Flash is a seam that forms on parts in areas where various mold segments meet. This seam must be removed in plastic parts that require a smooth surface. Thin flashes can be removed using hot air, while larger flashes may need to be mechanically removed using machining processes before being smoothed out with heat application.


Sharp edges and rough areas with significant material compression must be corrected before components are completed. Deburring can be completed manually through the use of specialized tools, or it can be achieved through cryogenic and mechanical processes. Cryogenic deburring utilizes liquid nitrogen to remove burrs; mechanical deburring relies on mechanical processes to sand burrs away.

Jet Blasting

Abrasive blasting can smooth a variety of surfaces. In this process, high-velocity gas propels abrasives around and against a part in order to erode material and smooth surfaces.

Electrical Component Housing from MCM Composites

Through the experienced application of thermoset injection molding and secondary processes, MCM Composites can create electrical component housings for nearly any application. If you’re searching for a manufacturing partner, the MCM Composites team is eager to work with you to develop an innovative solution.

Please contact us or request a quote for more information about our thermoset injection molding capabilities for electrical component housings and other designs.