Finishing and Machining Services

MCM Composites, LLC’s complete range of finishing and secondary services provides customers with a full service option for all molded plastic component requirements. These secondary operations, performed in-house, help us add value and complete your products to exact specifications.

Our finishing services include de-flashing operations to surface finish the plastic molded parts. These operations are supported by a number of tumbler blasters and a wire mesh belt jet blaster fitted at our facility. Additional secondary operations include drilling, tapping, and machining performed on our automated CNC equipment from TRAK machine tools and Hass. MCM Composites is equipped with an advanced 4-axis CNC machining center, and TRAK 2 op/VMC2 machining right at the press.

We also offer gluing, potting & epoxy services, along with coatings such as painting and metallizing. Metallizing is available in a number of finishes, ranging from the conventional bright chrome-like finish, to a range of custom colors.