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Thermoset Plastics vs. Metal

In the manufacturing sector, two of the most commonly used types of materials are metals and plastics. These material groups can be further divided into numerous subcategories, each of which offers distinct characteristics that make it suitable for particular applications. For example, metal can be classified into ferrous and non-ferrous materials, while plastic can be […]

Thermoset Plastics vs. PEEK

There are two main categories of plastics: thermosets and thermoplastics. Due to a change in molecular structure, thermoset materials keep their form and remain solid under heat once cured. Thermoplastics can be repeatedly reground, reheated and remolded. In addition to the difference in their reactions to the application of heat, these material groups also demonstrate […]

Thermoset Plastics vs. Ultem Plastics

Thermoset plastics are a popular type of molding compound used in many engineered plastic applications. Once thermoset plastics are heated and start to set, the curing process chemically alters the material so it can’t be reground or reused. Thermoset materials are cost-effective and durable, making them an ideal choice for many manufacturing projects. Conversely, thermoplastics […]

Thermoset Plastics vs. Thermoplastics

While you may have heard the terms thermoset plastic and thermoplastics used synonymously, they are two different products. Composed of polymer powders, they each react differently when exposed to heat. While thermoset plastics are cured by heat, they can only be formed once and are not suitable for exposure to extremely variable or high temperatures. […]