Thermoset Injection Molding Services

MCM Composites, LLC specializes in manufacturing thermoset injection molded parts, especially suited for the electronics and appliance industries. Through precision injection molding, we produce intricate as well as large parts made from phenolics, alkyds, polyester (both BMC and SMC), carbon fiber compounds, and composite material. The weight of these parts ranges from 0.1 grams to 10 pounds. Our custom mold shop is equipped with a range of electrical and hydraulic injection molding presses with tonnage capacities ranging from 75 tons to 500 tons. These molding presses are equipped with degas sequence, gate cut sequence, core pull, and runnerless injection compression systems.

MCM’s manufacturing plant also houses a quality lab, tool repair shop, plus cool room for storing perishable raw materials and customers’ molds. Our fully equipped tool shop enables us to design unique tools to create molds as well as offer repair and maintenance services for customers’ molds. We work in conjunction with our customers, toolmakers, and tool designers to construct initial 3D models of the products. In-house tooling capabilities assist us to optimize product quality, maximize production efficiency, and minimize product cost. Molded parts, manufactured from our specially formulated high-strength, thermoset composites, can be used as economical alternatives to stamped or formed parts, aluminum extrusions, and other machined components.

Through thermoset injection molding, we also fabricate parts that offer superior mechanical performance at temperatures as high as 260°C and multi-piece part assemblies into a single mold. Secondary services such as tapping, drilling, and coating, as well as multi-piece assembling are also offered on injection molded parts.