Thermoset Injection Molded Oven Handle for the Appliance Industry

We understand the commitment required for high volume, tight cosmetic work in consumer appliance manufacturing. At MCM Composites, LLC, our in-depth experience with thermoset injection molding keeps us ahead of the competition while being flexible enough to accommodate new manufacturing methods.

A manufacturer of consumer oven appliances asked us to produce a door handle for their latest design. The handle required an overall dimension of 30″ x 1.5″ x 1″ with an emphasis on smooth cosmetics and simple ergonomics. Using our 500 ton injection press, they were produced using BMC polyester with + 0.030” tolerances. Every oven handle produced at MCM was manufactured in a single work cell. Close visual and dimensional inspection were used to ensure accuracy. In addition, our team went the extra step to develop a test that determines proper “torque pull out” in order to confirm quality control. We applied brass inserts on either end of the handle for final assembly preparation, while also cleaning and packaging the units right off the press.

We created over 375,000 oven handles for this customer with batches manufactured in less than a week. These handles highlighted our ability to perform high volume production while adhering to smooth cosmetic requirements and design aesthetics. To learn more about our experience in thermoset injection molding for consumer products, please refer to the table below or contact us for more information.